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Anja Jane

Desolation Sound Postcard

Desolation Sound Postcard

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Inspired by a 5 day kayak through the warm Pacific waters of Desolation.

Red long beaked oyster catchers, Humpback whales breaching, slapping their tails communicating messages. Seals curled upon rocks, white, speckled, their round black eyes gazing curious. Hundreds of purple star fish snuggled together between rocks. We feasted on oysters, like a king and queen on our rock throne, watching the sunset followed by a full moon rise above a still green lagoon. Towering Coast Mountains, a lonely speck on the ocean. With a feather and rattle I call in the eagle medicine. Crusty hair, salty kisses, mosquito speckled bodies, cuts and bruises I feel like a warrior paddling for hours against currents and wind. Chanting, om mani padme hum, clearing the mind, beautiful stillness vibrating with light - Anja Jane

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size: 4" x 6" printed on white cardstock FSC® paper from responsible sources.
Made with love in Canada


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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely Beautiful

Colourful, creative, simply gorgeous. And came so beautifully packaged. Would absolutely order more:)

Robyn Fraser
Whimsically wonderful

I love Anja Jane’s whimsical style!