Waterfall in a tropical rainforest

Anja Jane's Commitment to Sustainability

Environmentally-friendly practices and sustainability are at the forefront of running a small business for Anja; so how is Anja Jane sustainable?

Products are created and printed by sustainable, eco-conscious suppliers.

Only the most eco-friendly suppliers are chosen to print and create the art prints and products that are sold at Anja Jane.
What is considered when creating and designing products:
- products are FSC® certified if paper based
- suppliers are committed to sustainable practices

Orders are packaged in compostable, reusable, and eco-friendly materials.

Our greetings cards, art prints, and postcard packs are intentionally not wrapped in plastic unless ordered by our stockists for selling in their shops. When packing for our stockists, all our art prints, greeting cards, and postcard packs are packaged in plant-based, compostable packaging that takes approximately 1 month to decompose in a commercial composter.

We reuse our cardboard boxes, and use reusable, eco-friendly and water-activated packing tape.

Environmental non-profits and scientists making incredible change:

David Suzuki Foundation

Indigenous Climate Action

One Earth

Sea Shepherd

Alexandra Morton | Biologist working to save B.C Wild Salmon Populations


Tofino, British Columbia | Taken by Meghan Vestad