How to Create a Pollinator-Friendly Garden for Butterflies

Want to create the perfect butterfly garden? Plant some of these to start a bee garden and attract wildlife to your garden, and the best flowers and pollinators for a butterfly and bee garden!
Pale Swallowtail ~ Papilio eurymedon
Host plants – Bitter cherry, willow, poplar, red alder, ocean spray and ceanothus (California lilac).
Nectar Plants – Bee balm, butterfly weed, parsley, thistle, joe pye weed, sedum, butterfly bushes and sunflower.
Painted Lady ~ Vanessa cardui 
Host plants – Thistles, borage, composites and mallows. Nectar Plants – Thistles, giant goldenrods, marigolds and everlastings.
Mourning Cloak ~ Nymphalis antiopa 
Host plants – Willow, ornamental elm, trembling aspen, hawthorn and black cottonwood. Nectar plants – Adult butterfly feeds on tree sap, especially Oak and
Lorquin's Admiral - Limenitis lorquini 
Host plants - Willows, Hardhack, Chokeberries. Nectar plants – Astor, yarrow, common milkweed. rotten fruit.
Mariposa Copper ~ Lycaena mariposa 
Host plants – Dwarf bilberry and Douglas knotweed. Nectar Plants – Native wild flowers.
Clodius Parnassian ~ Parnassius clodius 
Host plants – Western bleeding heart, Pacific bleeding heart. Nectar Plants – Bleeding heart family.
Illustrated for the David Suzuki Foundation by Anja Jane. Want to learn more about being a butterfly ranger?
View Anja's Pollinator-Friendly Plants art print to see more flora from the Pacific Northwest that bees and butterflies love!