Tahoma Art Print

Tahoma Art Print

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From many places across Washington State the proclamation “The mountain is out!” can be heard whenever Tahoma is visible.⁠
The people of the Puyallup tribe have known the mountain as Tahoma or Tacoma. By definition, Tahoma can mean mother of waters or that frozen water both recognizing the glaciated peak as the significant source that it is. ⁠
So with an abundance of names already available, why Mount Rainier? ⁠

“A Case for Tahoma” writer Cooper Weisman states: ⁠

"The name Rainier strikes me as utterly meaningless in comparison with the indigenous appellations because the only story Rainier tells is one of colonization. Tahoma, on the other hand, carries with it the invaluable narratives of the first people of this land including one in which a great flood threatened the lives of people and other animals in the region who were only able to survive by scrambling to the top of the peak and remaining there together until the waters subsided. For mountaineers and others in this area, Tahoma continues to be a place of refuge from the many problems that flood our minds and our society today". ⁠

info found from: https://cascadiabioregion.org/

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Format 12 x 16 Inches

High quality digital wall art printed on textured felt FSC® paper from responsible sources.

Shipped in a flat compostable protective sleeve.

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Beautiful 😍

The artwork is stunning, and I keep noticing new details! The piece looks great on my living room wall, and now all I can think of is my next trip up to Washington!

Anouk Sabo

Beautiful. The colours are rich and the detail is very clear.

Beautiful artwork

We love Anja’s work! We’re from UK and got engaged in front of mount Tahoma so that piece is particularly special for us! It really brightens up our living room and my day each time I look at it!

Speedy and easy delivery- makes a great gift! Thank you!